[BUG] v1.0.23 - Boxifier does not start at startup

Event when checkbox is checked.

Windows 7 Home Edition.

Does this also happen with the latest Boxifier (1.3.0)?

Yes! I still have the problem. It does not start, so I have to put the shortcut in the start menu, which is annoying because when it starts it does not reduce as a tray icon…

Do you know if I could ta least pass a parameter to the program so that it start reduced ?

Thank you!

Hi Mathieu,

It sounds strange that it doesn’t start. I will contact you by e-mail so that we can figure this one out.

You can pass the /minimized parameter and it will start minimized.

Please let me know how that goes.

FYI, I completely reinstalled Windows 7 64-bits from zero a few weeks ago and I still had the same issue. At least /minimized will do the trick :wink: Thanks!

Just curious. Do you have any entry for Boxifier under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run in the registry? That’s what the setup should create.

No I don’t have any entry. I double-checked with Autoruns also and I find nothing. Even by unchecking / re-checking the checkbox in Boxifier does not create any autorun entry.
Note: I am starting Boxifier as a normal user, like any shortcut, and I’ve put the shortcut in my user’s start menu. So I do not use any admin privilege. I guess this is the way to go…
UPDATE: I do not have any antivirus installed (neither MS Antivirus and anti spyware), and UAC is set to the default value.

Thank you for letting me know all these details, Mathieu. This helps!