Boxifier stopped sync from NAS


Using Boxifier to backup folder MP from NAS which worked fine for months but now stopped updating on Dropbox 20.4.19. Boxifier path to MP is correct but checkbox is greyed out. On selective sync Boxifier checkbox is blackened in but MP is not checked. When I check MP the Boxifier box changes to a check too. I do not want MP to sync to my internal SDD.


Do you have the latest Boxifier installed? You can see this by checking for updates.

How does the Boxifier window (folders list) look like?


Boxifier and Dropbox are UTD
On the Dropbox site: Boxifier>MP which has all the files that were uploaded until this glitch.
On my SSD: Dropbox>Boxifier>Shortcut to MP
On selective sync: either Boxifier is blacked in and MP in not checked OR both are checked


You can also check MP in the Selective Sync settings. Doing this will not make it sync to the internal SSD if you have it linked in the Boxifier application to a location outside of your Dropbox folder. That is why I asked about this: