Boxifier shortcuts not present in the Boxifier folder

… or have you changed the way Boxifier works under the hood? Just happened to go into the boxifier folder within my dropbox, where I’d normally see links to the folders boxifier is managing, but they weren’t in there. Tried adding a file to one of the actual folders though, and it synced. Did I miss an announcement?


There were no changes made to how Boxifier works under the hood. The recent update just removed the shortcut files that were present in the Boxifier folder. They were placed there to avoid the situation where you would see just an empty Boxifier folder, but they are not really needed for Boxifier to sync those folders. The shortcuts were confusing for some and helpful for others so we will probably have them back with the next update.

The shortcut files have been placed there in the past just for a good user experience. Internally Boxifier does not rely on them nor use them for syncing folders.

Thanks Razvan. Had me worried at first, until I checked and saw the files were still online and still syncing. Don’t mind whether the links are present or not, it just caught me by surprise :smile: