Boxifier option not shown in some cases in the context menu


Hi all,
I have a PC with windows 10 Home edition (64bit) and boxifier Pro installed. The problem rests on the fact that I see no boxifier backup option in the context menu when I right click my user account folder (i.e. “C:/Users/george”). The strange is that when I do right click on any other user folder (i.e. Default and Public) the boxifier option is shown normally. Any ideas why this happens and how it could be resolved.
Thanks in advance.

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Is your Dropbox folder located somewhere inside your user account folder? Boxifier does not show up the context menu for an ancestor folder of the Dropbox folder, because that would cause trouble by trying to sync the Dropbox folder to the Dropbox folder which would cause an infinite sync and lots of trouble.


Hi Razvan,
Thank you very much for your reply.
Yes, exactly, this is the case. However, I had prevented all child folders of my local Dropbox folder from syncing, by using Dropbox’s selective syncing, before I tried to sync my user folder with a view to preventing infinite synchronization loops.
I think it would be great if Boxifier could address somehow similar cases (e.g. by ignoring everything inside the Dropbox folder or via Boxifier’s upcoming selective syncing feature).
Great product anyway.

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