Boxifier not syncing all my sub folders

I am trying to sync a folder to Dropbox that has a lot of folders and a lot of sub folders in each of the folder. It says it’s done syncing in Dropbox. If I open the local folder, all the folders have green check marks on them saying they’re done syncing. But in drop box (both the local folder and on the web), about half of the folders are missing (but everything that is displaying shows green checkmarks.) Drop box app itself says it’s “up to date.” Any ideas?

Hi David,

Do you have the latest Dropbox installed on your computer? We’ve seen this happen last week with a customer who didn’t have the latest Dropbox installed and files were not syncing. It said “up to date” but it wasn’t. Upgrading to the latest Dropbox fixed the issue.

Could you please try that and let me know how that goes?


I upgraded Dropbox to the latest version on the website and restarted the computer and gave it a few hours and it’s still missing about 50% of the files.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve just sent you an e-mail so that we can investigate this further.