Boxifier not consistently syncing, appears to be making corrupted conficted copies

Ever since last Wednesday, I’ve had a pretty serious issue where I’m seeing a couple hundred conflicted copies show up each day. What’s troubling is that a majority of the conflicted copies being made are corrupted, and they all come from the client that is set up with Boxifier connected to an external NAS.

Some of the corrupted files can be recovered, such as certain Excel files, some MP4/AVI files still play, but PDF files show up as corrupted, and Zip files give “unexpected end of archive” errors.

The system that is running Boxifier is on the latest version of Dropbox and Boxifier (1.0.23) on Windows 8.1.

Another thing of note is that I’ve had a weird glitch with Dropbox and Boxifier for some time where occasionally, Dropbox stops syncing, but doesn’t show any errors. I find I have to reset it by clicking the “Pause Sync” option and then “Resume” to force Dropbox to re-index, and sync again. Usually, its after this re-indexing where the corrupted conflicted copies start to show up.

Does anyone else have a similar issue?

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for reporting this.

Regarding the glitch you mentioned, we have been working on it and it will make its way into the next update. We’ve seen this happen with some NAS models where notifications stop coming in from the NAS, but now we have a fix for it.

I am contacting you by e-mail so that we can look into the first issue you mentioned, the conflicted copies issue.

Thank you,

An update for everyone checking on this thread. We looked into it and found out that the corruption is caused by the NAS not giving back the correct data that it stored, which causes conflicts. So it looks like a hardware problem, not a software one.

The second issue mentioned where Dropbox sometimes stops syncing is one that we identified and have the update scheduled for release.