Boxifier Does Not Recognize Dropbox as Service


Running Dropbox as a service on my Windows Server 2003. Just installed Boxifier and it acts as if Dropbox is not running. I get the Boxifier Core is not running message.


Also, I have the Boxifier Power Server. Need to run it as a service as well, but don’t see that option in settings.


Hi Bill,

Someone from our team will contact you shortly as this is better handled with a remote support session and via e-mail.



I am also now having the same problem. Im getting the “Boxifier Core is not running” message.


In the short-run, I went into Services and stopped Dropbox as a service. I then launched the Dropbox application. Boxifier started working immediately. In the long-run, Boxifier knows this is an issue and is working on a fix.


Where is Services and how do I get there? I have Dropbox Pro and I’m having trouble finding anything called services.


Hi Aaron,

The services options are only available in the server edition of Boxifier.

A member of our team has already contacted you regarding the Boxifier core not running message. Could you please reply to that e-mail?


I have Boxifier Pro and yes I am in the middle of updating right now. Thank you.