Boxifier beta update - February 24

UPDATE: March 10

New beta available: Boxifier

UPDATE: February 24

Hello everyone,

Since there were no updates here for the past weeks, we wanted to give you an update on the incompatibility issue. As you probably already know, Dropbox is introducing a new sync engine which broke the integration between Boxifier and Dropbox. Our technical team has been working on a fix to adapt Boxifier to the new Dropbox sync engine. As the team was iterating on adding support for the new Dropbox sync engine we have been releasing public beta versions which contained incremental updates.

For the past weeks our team has postponed releasing new public betas because they have been working on a major revision of the fix. This revision was developed by incorporating all the feedback and bug reports that we gathered with the previous beta versions and we would like to thank everyone who contributed their feedback. Due to this being a major rework of the fix, incremental releases were not possible.

The internal tests for this new beta have been very encouraging, but the team still has some remaining issues to fix before releasing it. In the meantime we wanted to give you this update in order to let you know what the team has been working on. We expect this next update to help with completing Boxifier support for the new Dropbox sync engine.

Thank you,
Boxifier Team