Boxifier and External Drive

I have a surface pro 3 that I don’t want to store files on, I work off an external drive. I purchased Dropbox to upload all folders in external drive to Dropbox to avoid carrying around the external drive. Unfortunately, DB still stores files on the computers hard drive. That won’t work, no space! Before I purchase Boxifier, I want to make sure I can use the program not as backup storage but a “cloud drive” to access, edit and save files on multiple computers. Will I still need to carry around my external drive?

No, Boxifier doesn’t work like that. It extends Dropbox’s capability to sync more folders, but still leaves a local copy.

If you already have all the files on Dropbox, then you can use the “Selective Sync…” feature in Dropbox, so that each time only a few necessary folders are synced to your computer for you to work on. The selection is not automatic and you might have to adjust settings each time you change your working folder.

Just to make sure there is no confusion regarding this: when you install Boxifier on a computer and then right-click a folder and select “Boxfier - Sync with Dropbox” no local copy will be created in the local Dropbox folder on that computer where Boxifier is installed.

However, on other computers linked to the same Dropbox account, that folder will be downloaded by Dropbox in the local Dropbox folder as a subfolder of the Boxifier folder, just like you would expect with any other folder in your Dropbox.

Hi Brittany,

Just wanted to make sure that I understand your goal here before I propose a solution. I understand that you want to use your external drive with a Surface Pro 3 and have some folders synced to the external drive instead of the local Dropbox folder on your Surface Pro 3. Is this the case?