Boxifier and Dropbox not talking to each other

I have an external hard drive that I back up to Dropbox. I purchased Boxifier to assist with this process and up until last week it was working perfectly. Now when I attach the drive to my computer, Dropbox says it needs to sync 52,000+ files and Boxifier has the same issue, not recognizing that all the files are already synced (except for maybe 20 new files that I added to the external drive in the last week).

I haven’t done anything that I can think of that would cause this change. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Andrea,

You mentioned:

and you also mention:

Those 20 files are probably what caused the indexing. The files will be re-indexed and it will notice that it only has 20 new files to upload.

That’s what would typically happen. But it’s not recognizing those files that have been newly added to the external drive and it just sits there trying to index the files without making any progress. Screen grab attached.