Boxifier 1.9.4 public beta

Hello everyone,

Instructions for installing the beta:

  1. Download it from here.
  2. Install it.
  3. Go to Boxifier preferences and uncheck the “Block Dropbox updates” box. Cick “Save” button and check again the preferences. If the box is still checked then please remove the C:\ProgramData\Boxifier\config file
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: Install the latest version of Dropbox from here.

Known issues (to be fixed with next release):

  • If the filesystem hosting the folders that you sync with Boxifier is not NTFS-like then sync could not work. This will be fixed with the next release.

Please report any issues or questions via e-mail:


Thanks for this! Seems to be working as expected…was able to relink a folder, and items added to said folder are flowing into the Dropbox cloud, as confirmed via the web portal.

One strange thing, however: Linked folders used to show up as a shortcut inside on the Boxifier folder on the local machine the linked folder was located on.

At the present time, I am not seeing the shortcut inside the Boxifier folder on the local PC with this beta version. Folder is visible in web portal, and is actively syncing. It is also showing the correct full address/location in Boxifier sync tab. Using the “explore” option from Boxifier sync tab opens the correct folder location, so it is clearly linked to Dropbox.

Is this missing shortcut in the Boxifier folder expected behavior?

Yes, the shortcut functionality will be restored when out of beta.

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Been waiting for a new version for days :wink: Thanks!
Is it important to have the latest version of Dropbox installed prior to this beta of Boxifier, or is it okay to install the latest Dropbox software afterwards (as you have it on position #4 here)?

Either way should work as long as you have a current version of Dropbox installed in the end.

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Great! Thanks much for the confirmation.

Hi Christine,

I have Error E850005F on relinking. Both drives I use are NTFS.

Thanks for the help.

Please make sure that the parent folder is checked in Dropbox selective sync settings. For instance, if the folder you are syncing is a subfolder of the “Boxifier” folder, please make sure that the “Boxifier” parent folder is checked in Dropbox selective sync settings. You can keep the subfolders of “Boxifier” unchecked, but please make sure that the “Boxifier” parent folder is checked.

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Can confirm that this fixes the dropbox sync issue. Previously, dropbox would keep saying “Syncing…” and never sync anything, even files and folders that are not in boxifier folders, both upstream and downstream. If I unlinked all boxifier folders, dropbox would go back to normal operation.

With this update, the issue is fixed and dropbox seems to sync everything normally. The shortcuts in the boxifier folder are still missing though as others have said. I don’t mind since I don’t use them, but it is nice to have a reminder of what is in that folder and for continuity purposes.

The new public beta 1.9.4 works, but every time dropbox restarts, it scans everything in the boxified folders, and mine has over 410 GB in those folders, so it take hours and hours for dropbox to finish syncing.

Thank you for reporting this, Ryan.

The reindexing issue is being worked on to be fixed with the next beta (scheduled for tomorrow).

initially re-linking seems to be working however it stalls and grind to a halt.
Have a similar issue when adding new shares from my NAS - running NTFS drives


Thank you for reporting. Next beta (scheduled for tomorrow) improves NAS support so hopefully it will fix this issue as well.