Boxifier 1.9.33


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that Boxifier 1.9.33 has been released.

  • This release contains a fix for a rare issue that happens when running Boxifier on Windows 11 21H2.



Hi there. Looks like this version 1.9.33 broke the link to my external drive. I’m running the latest recommended version of Dropbox I could find listed in this forum, version 158.4.4564. Should I unblock Dropbox Updates and let the app autoupdate to the latest version? I’ve confirmed everything is set and named correctly via the relink article that I’ve referenced many times in the past. I cannot get the red icon, “Folder is not syncing because it cannot be accessed” to disappear. Thanks!


@mtsdawson that sounds like something that our technical support team should look into. I located your license and someone from the team is contacting you via e-mail in order to take a look at this. Thanks for letting us know!

Update - Jan 8: Our technical support team reached out to @mtsdawson and successfully addressed the issue.