Boxifier 1.6.28


Changes with this release of Boxifier 1.6.28:

  • Fixes a compatibility issue introduced by Dropbox 52.3.55 beta version.

Download link:


When can we expect the update for compatibility with Dropbox 55.3.168?


What’s the latest supported Dropbox version? I had to reinstall DB to 54.4.90.
When can I upgrade Dropbox again?


@emmetmckenna @skriver73 the update is out (Boxifier 1.6.31) and it works with the latest version of Dropbox, including the beta (55.3.168).


Problem! Downloaded 1.6.31 this morning, got warning that “Dropbox 55.4.171 is not yet supported…” so I did not click to install. HOWEVER, the warning will not go away and Boxifier is no longer syncing. Please advise (quickly?)


Did you install 1.6.31? Please install it first and report on your results.


Yes. The warning was apparently a hoax. I installed in spite of it and have had no issues since.


Glad to hear that installing the latest version fixed it! Thanks for letting us know.