Boxifier 1.6.24


Changes with this release of Boxifier 1.6.24:

  • Improved indexing speed at start-up
  • Fixes a compatibility issue with Dropbox Smart Sync

Download link:


Hi, all my boxifier folders are marked as read only today…
Is that due to the dropbox 49.3.66 update? Do I have to revert to an older dropbox version?
I did restart, so that’s not the problem.



Apparently 1.6.25 is out and fixes my issue.
The update is not mentioned in the boxifier app (1.6.24 says it is up to date, even when checking for updates) and the latest forum entry is about 1.6.24.
I had to look at the boxifier webpage to see there was a new version.

Bit confusing (and some time lost), but it is working now.



Hi P,

Yes, Boxifier 1.6.25 is out today and fixes an incompatibility issue created due to the Dropbox 49.3.66 update.

Glad to know you found out about the update before it hit the update channel :slight_smile: and that it fixed the issue.