Boxifier 1.5.3 update on file server - "Please wait while getting more information"


I just installed the Boxifier on a file server using the installer on the main Boxifier page, but my colleague informed me that there used to be a separate installer for servers; is that still the case?

Also, since installing about 15 minutes ago all the folders in Boxifier have a Toolbox icon and a question mark over them, and say “Please wait while getting more information” (see screenshot) - is this normal?



Further information - the Dropbox client version is 7.3.4, and the Boxifier Server Settings say the following:

Dropbox is configured to run as a service
Service is running
Dropbox is running

And Dropbox is still indexing and uploading all of their files - on a semi-related note, it seems like it has to do that every time we make a change in Boxifier; is there any way to avoid this? They have ~400 GB of data so it is very time-consuming.


Anyone? Dropbox is now up to date but the folders all still say “Please wait while getting more information” - our client depends on these files being synced!


What does the Status tab say?

That is the one displaying the Dropbox status.

For a faster reply you can contact our support team by e-mail. The forum response time can be slower.

Thank you for your understanding.



Thanks for the reply - what is the email for Boxifier support? The only one I could find was, should I use that?

To answer your question, the status tab says “Up to date” - however, under the “Sync” tab, every folder has a picture of a toolbox in the top-left corner and a question mark in the bottom right, and says “Please wait while getting more information.”

This was after the update to 1.5.3 (once again, this is running on a file server and I installed the update from the Boxifier website, should I have used a different installer made specifically for servers?), and before the update, all the folders said “Not syncing due to selective sync settings” even though they were all selected for syncing in the Dropbox app.



You can use that email address to contact Boxifier support.

Does this still happen with the latest Boxifier (1.5.5) ?