Boxifer folder not uploading

I installed Boxifer. I can see it on my HD’s version of Dropbox. But it never seems to sync up to the online Dropbox. And when I try to right-click on a file to add it to Boxifer, it says that Boxifer needs to be selected in the Selected Sync settings in order to work correctly.

I go into Dropbox Preferences, but Boxifer of course doesn’t show up on the list of files available for Selective Sync because it’s not uploading to the online Dropbox.

I tried to manually upload the Boxifer file and all I got was an error.

Hi Rebecca,

This sounds strange. It would help to see a screenshot of the Dropbox -> Boxifier folder on your computer and a screenshot of your Selective Sync settings dialog. You can also send these by email: team at boxifier dot com.


Thank you. I have emailed screenshots to the email you gave. I included shots of the dropbox folder, the selective sync files, and proof my dropbox is ‘up to date’. My email address is [removed by moderator to prevent spam]