Any Issues with IIS?

Pre-Sales Question: My hope is to use the Power Server edition and use it as follows:

I have 2 Windows servers (2008 R2) which both have an attached drive that I need to keep synched . The drive has a folder that holds all of our websites. Files can be added, deleted, changed on either server. We already have a good sized Dropbox for Business account with plenty of room. So I want to put Boxifier on both servers, include the root folder of the websites in the boxifier and let DropBox handle synching the two drives.
Has anyone used this type of setup with IIS involved? At times IIS can be finicky playing with 3rd party apps.

Hi Tom,

Yes, this setup is one that Boxifier can handle. I have no knowledge of any issues with IIS, but if anyone has any insight, please feel free to share it here.

@RV1TomC As an experienced IIS user I had a little play with the setup you suggest and the only thing that I could find that may not work as you expect is when the file is locked by IIS (such as a DLL).

In this case Dropbox cannot upload the file (as it is in use) so it silently fails until the system frees the lock (this can sometimes occur only when IIS is restarted).

Therefore be careful if you are counting on the sync to be an exact copy. Otherwise no problems :slight_smile:

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