All boxifier files synced even with no changes


As of this morning (Sept 29, 2016), when I plug in an external drive and start a sync, all Boxifier files and folders are being synced, even those that did not change. Not just indexed, but actually synced, as if the file had been changed. I have been able to repeat this behavior. I am using Boxifier 1.5.14 and Dropbox 10.4.26 on Windows 7 SP1. Any insights?


Hi Jason,

Do you see any network traffic that would indicate a re-upload?


Hi Bogdan- I did not monitor network traffic, but I can confirm that hundreds (maybe thousands) of files that had not been not modified showed up in Dropbox’s list of recently synced files. So, it was many, but not all unchanged files that were synced. I also had other unusual behavior yesterday: files or folders that I renamed were duplicated. I was later able to delete the duplicate files, but to get rid of the folder, I had to pause syncing, delete the folder from both the external hard drive and at, and then restart syncing. If I deleted in either one place or the other, the folder kept coming back. But, now, as of this morning, things seem to be behaving.


This is probably unrelated, but I got the message below this morning when I restarted my computer and launched Boxifier to test things out. I clicked OK, and the box popped up two mor times. Then everything seemed to work just fine.


Looks like a temporary Dropbox issue. Recent Dropbox releases haven’t been very stable.

Thank you for the update.


That looks like a rare bug in the graphical interface. However, since the graphical interface and the Boxifier engine run as independent components, it does not affect the syncing process.


Thanks guys! I appreciate your prompt replies to the forum messages.