Add files to protected folder from remote PC


My main PC is syncing several folders which I set to protected. Right now I am out of state and have needed to add files to several of those protected folders via uploading to Dropbox through my laptop’s web browser.

If I understand correctly, as soon as I return and power on my main PC, Boxifier will delete any files I added to the protected folders since they were added from a different computer. How can I prevent this? Can I uninstall Boxifier on my main PC then reinstall so it “forgets” which folders it is syncing/protecting, then add the folders back into Boxifier? The goal is that the changes I’ve made don’t get reverted.

Thank you


You could try starting your PC without it being connected to Internet. If you have a wired connection, just unplug the cable before you boot up the computer, then you can go to Boxifier and switch off the protected feature for that folder (from the menu displayed when you hover the folder in the Boxifier window).