Access denied on unattached storage -> high CPU


I’ve noticed that when detaching an external drive (USB/NAS), dropbox tries to index these files and it can’t access them (for obvious reasons) and the “access denied” message appears.

The problem is that every few minutes it tries to reindex all these files, and enters an infinite loop of “access denied” which is eating up my CPU.

This is the intended action by the dropbox developers:
But if boxifier relies on this mechanism so that the files will not get deleted, I think this is a bit of an issue.

Is there some sort of workaround? (somehow stopping the indexing retry until the drive is connected) .I’m using a laptop and it is killing my battery if I dont close dropbox.



Yes, we have an announcement coming this week regarding this.


are there any updates regarding this issue?


Any update on this? It’s been quite a while.


This got delayed due to another fix, but we’re shooting for this week.