Ability to rename top-level directory from /Boxifier

There is probably a good technical reason to have all the linked directories under /Boxifier, but it does add one level of complication that it might be nice to hide.

I use Boxifier to use an external drive to get around having limited space on my laptop SSD, but the rest of my family doesn’t need to know about the details of how I set this up - they’ll just be looking for directories with clear names. If the base directory name could be changed to e.g. “PhotoArchive” instead, it might mean one less thing for me to explain.

So, not a critical feature but it could increase the polish level. I know there could be complications with moving the directory on Dropbox, but it may be worth looking into.

Hi Tim,

I agree that this would feel more natural. It is something that we’ve been thinking about for some time now and we are looking for the best way to implement it. As you already mentioned, there are some user experience challenges that need to be solved in order to release a feature like this, but we sure love a good challenge! :smile:

Thank you for adding your vote to this. It is a feature request that surely makes sense.