Ability to Keep a Network Share Folder Local

I love the simple function that Boxifier provides, in regards to network folder linking, that allows Dropbox backup and syncing the Boxifier created folder within Dropbox to other computers.

I think a much needed feature is the ability to also keep a local copy of the the network folder on the syncing computer. Microsoft Sync provides this ability, but it is loaded with bugs. I’ve tried using Microsoft Sync for the last few months but have given up because of the unclearable sync errors and conflicts. It’s just like most other Microsoft tools that are great in concept but Microsoft’s implementation is careless.

So having the option to backup to Dropbox ‘and’ keep a local copy would be awesome. Plug-in drives could have the ability to only sync to Dropbox without a local copy and network folders could be sync’d locally and to Dropbox. Providing a folder by folder option. Most local drives now days are 1TB or greater, so it’s not an unrealistic feature request. Soon as I jump on the home or work network, everything would sync and I can leave with everything I need when I’m on the road. No hassle, no worries.

The no hassles, no worries part has been the greatest part of Dropbox and small, simple programs as Boxifier. Keep up the great work!!